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How to Say “No” to Being a “Yes Person”
We all know a “Yes” person. That person who feels the need to say yes in order to be a
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Leadership Effectiveness – Listening Beyond Just Your Ears
Did you know that on average we spend 45% of our communications time throughout a day just listening to others? 
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Goal Setting – And How To Stick With Them
At the end of every year, I send out a “Reflection Questionnaire” to my all coaching Clients to take some
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Leadership or Executive Coaching in Toronto – What to look for in your coach?
Over the years, I have had leaders across Toronto approach me for leadership or executive coaching for various reasons.  The
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Leadership Effectiveness — Enhance Your Strategic Foresight
Imagine you’re in a room with a team of executives and one of your product engineers has brought you an
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Setting Clear Vision Made Personal Computing Possible
When Inc Magazine set out to profile up-and-coming entrepreneurs in their first printing, they featured Steve Jobs, who was in
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My Own Personal Vision Journey
At one point or another in their career, everyone asks themselves: ‘is this really what I want to do for
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When One Fails, We All Fail – Using Systems Thinking as a Leader
Let’s for a moment imagine all of the major organs of the body as Directors of a company, You Corp.
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Motivating a Team Without Being an Annoying Cheerleader
We’ve all seen those sports movies like Remember the Titans, Any Given Sunday, Mighty Ducks. A tough situation, an inspiring
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Great Partnerships – Making the Climb to the Top Easier
I have a passion for rock climbing. My friends and I go every weekend to a nice indoor rock climbing
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Building Confidence in the Workplace
When you think of a leader who exudes confidence, who do you think of? Leaders like Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook
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